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Most Popular Winter Destinations You Wish You Tried With Your Family

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Winter is almost here and we know you’ve got plans for an amazing travel getaway with your family,kids or perhaps just your spouse in the U.S.A or Europe or around the world. Do you want to explore most popular winter destinations near you and haven’t decided on yet?. Then this article is for you.

In this article, i’ll share with you best winter vacation destinations you should be looking at without much hassel and need to break the bank in 2023.

10 Popular Winter Destinations


For a warm weather European getaway in winter, Costa del Sol, Seville, and Barcelona are my top picks. In Costa del Sol, the weather’s amazing and not among the coldest places in the winter, around the 70s. I love chilling on Marbella’s gorgeous beaches, sipping cocktails in the classy marina, and shopping in trendy boutiques.

In Barcelona, it’s all about exploring the Gothic quarter, checking out the epic cathedral, strolling down Las Ramblas for street performances and tapas feasts, and visiting La Boqueria, one of Europe’s best markets.

Where to stay? Well, if you’re in Madrid, Barceló Emperatriz is a great pick in the Salamanca District. And in Barcelona, Hotel SOFIA is all about style and vibes.


Barbados in the winter? Oh yeah, it’s a hot spot, but it’s never too packed. Unlike some other Caribbean spots, Barbados keeps its charm. It’s got that lively party vibe, super-friendly folks, hidden beaches you’ll fall in love with, and the food is really good you should check it out as part of the popular winter destinations in 2023.

Now, where to crash? You won’t break the bank, promise. Check out Bougainvillea Barbados, a Mediterranean-style resort on the south coast. What’s cool is that all the rooms have a kitchen or kitchenette, so you can save on meals. And if you’re not in the mood to cook, they’ve got two awesome waterfront restaurants. Plus, there’s a fitness center, spa, kids’ club, and loads of water sports.

Incredible Bahamas

The Bahamas, oh, they’re just a quick hop from Florida. And you know what’s great? The hotels won’t drain your wallet. Plus, finding reasonable flight tickets is usually a breeze. So, it’s easy-peasy to plan a budget-friendly trip to these beautiful islands.

Once you’re there, you can dive into those warm, crystal-clear waters and have a blast with all sorts of water activities like swimming, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing – you name it!

Now, where to crash? How about the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach? It’s super family-friendly, and you can practically roll out of bed onto the beach in just two minutes. And if you want to be right in the heart of the action, check

San Diego California

San Diego is amazing! The weather there is pleasant all year round. Okay, and one of the best warm places to visit in the winter, but it’s just right for all kinds of other fun stuff, and the hotel prices are pretty low.

You can take a chill beach walk and maybe even spot some whales during the winter – they’re migrating! Mission Beach is awesome for soaking up the sun, and La Jolla is where the surfers go for great waves. And hey, don’t forget the San Diego Zoo – it’s a must-visit. And here’s a tip: get combo tickets to save on the zoo and other cool places like museums and parks.

Now, where to stay? Check out the Pearl Hotel – it’s trendy and won’t break the bank, with rooms under 200 bucks a night. Or try the Surfer Beach Hotel in Pacific Beach, super close to the ocean and affordable too! San Diego’s got you covered for a fantastic getaway.


Panama is our go-to spot for sunny days and affordable places to stay. We love Bocas del Toro’s islands; they’re a scuba diver’s and surfer’s dream. When we stroll through old town Panama City, it’s like going back in time with those Spanish-style buildings, and the modern skyline across the bay is a cool contrast. At night in Casco Viejo, the music is all around us. During the day, we enjoy sipping coffee at Plaza Bolivar, shopping in the markets, and catching those breathtaking sunsets at Plaza Francia.

Puerto Rico

You know what’s awesome about Puerto Rico? No passport needed, but you get that tropical island vibe! I mean, there’s a beach that actually glows in the dark, pink sands at Isla Verde, and some epic diving and snorkeling spots. Plus, the food is delicious, and you can salsa dance all night long. And let’s not forget that Puerto Rican coffee – it’s a Popular Winter Destinations you should check out.

Now, where to crash? There are these cool, budget-friendly independent hotels. Like the Villa Montana Beach Resort, it’s right by the sea and not far from the airport. Or try the Copamarina Beach Resort in Guanica – it’s oceanfront, surrounded by lush gardens, and has all the fancy stuff you could want.

Montego Base Jamaica

Jamaica’s Montego Bay in the winter? It’s a great deal, especially when much of the Caribbean can be pricey. From mid-January to early April, it’s the sweet spot. And let me tell you, the weather is spot on during this time.

No matter where you bunk up in Montego Bay ,Also you’ve got tons of water sports and things to do. It’s a paradise for staying active and chilling on the beach.

As for where to stay, I’d recommend the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. Also It’s an awesome all-inclusive mega-resort with fantastic food, drinks, service, and even free scuba tours. Plus, there are other top-notch all-inclusive options that won’t break the bank.


If you’re on the hunt for affordable prices, sunny vibes without the crowds, and lots of fun stuff to do, you’ve gotta check out the Philippines. Seriously, it’s not too crowded, and those sugar-white beaches are a dream. I love going there after the holidays, from mid-January to late February. Even the popular spots aren’t packed, which is awesome.

You can horseback ride on the beach, go diving, snorkeling, cliff diving, parasailing – you name it! And there are these cool exploration trips to remote coves with stunning turquoise lagoons.

When it comes to where to crash, mid-range and fancy hotels are great value here, and many are right by the beach. Plus, food, drinks, excursions, and even massages are totally budget-friendly.

Caladesi Island Florida

Ever heard of Caladesi Island? It’s like one of America’s best-kept secrets. It’s warm all year round and has three miles of these stunning white sandy beaches. And guess what? It’s a sheller’s paradise, some of the best shelling you’ll find on the Gulf of Mexico.

Here’s the kicker – no hotels and no cars on the island. You gotta hop on a ferry and then explore on foot. Take a stroll on the boardwalk nature trail, pass mangroves, sand dunes, and maybe even spot a rare gopher tortoise. Or rent a kayak and paddle around the bayside, where you’ll see herons, ospreys, and all kinds of cool birds in the sea-grass flats.

As for where to stay, check out Shephard’s Beach Resort on Clearwater Beach’s southern end. It’s this awesome six-story beachfront hotel known for its lively vibe and tons of entertainment

Catalina Island California

Do you want to enjoy the sea without a long trip? Catalina Island is perfect and doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s just a one-hour boat ride from Long Beach, California.

The water is super clear, and you’ll see all kinds of marine creatures at Lover’s Cove – sea stars, octopi, fish, eels, you name it! You might even spot sea lions and dolphins.

For a place to stay, check out The Hermosa Hotel. It’s also affordable

Have you been to any of these Popular Winter Destinations? Did you like it? Share your experience with us in the comment section. Check out top captivating destinations you need to visit.

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