I don’t know how l got to this level, but l know at one point in my life when l ask stupid question like👇

Where should l drop it?; “Drop it on my head” will be the response of a beloved Parent who expect you to use your brain always.

But l think l’m starting this early for Divine(3yr old) just for the fun of it🤔🤔🤣🤣

I was lying down in the bedroom when he ran from the sitting room with his usual mood while watching PJ Mask🤸🤸🤸🤹🤹 here comes the interrogations thus

“Mummy what are you doing here”? He asked
“I’m dancing” l murmured, what !!! Dancing he shouted surprisingly:
“Mummy are you sleeping” came another question from Divine. “No I’m jumping” l responded; “Hmmmmm” he chuckled as he ran back to the sitting room vuuuum.

The drama continues another day as l was in the toilet ; while he shouted from the other end “Mummy what are you doing there”. “I am eating” l responded with ease♿. I was disappointed because he didn’t make a sound.

But what will l tag this encounter l’ve had with several adults on different occasions thus👇

posted birthday pics on Facebook….

A friend commented and that was her first comment on my post “what are you celebrating” lm celebrating our new yam festival l answered😙

Dressed in a native outfit on Sunday morning, about to go to church. An Adult asked me “Are you going to Church” “No l’m going to school ” l answered 🤭

Dressed in a corporate outfit on a Monday morning to office, An Adult asked me “Are you going to work ” No l’m going to play”🧐

During my NYSC last year, Dressed in khaki to CDS on a Friday, An educated woman asked “Are you a corper” “No l’m a police Officer”😏😏😏 l responded.

Recently I gave someone a satchet of water to drink; “Should l drink it” she asked, “No use it and bath” l answered 🤷🤷

In all these scenarios, lve always given the answers immediately without deep thought and the victims will be left with laughter and strange look.

The fact is that They are not asking the questions out of ignorance but a way to get more information🤫🤫🤫🤫. In order to spice the info, the answers came from no where 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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