Be Open to Learning: Learning is not attached to a particular age or stage in life.

The day you stop learning is the day you stop developing, acquiring the right skill and knowledge will help you to pass relevant message while interacting with others, in other words having the right knowledge about a subject will help you make impact; in the absence of that people will get bored listening to you.

Always remember that there is no new topic but your ability to give effective teaching/conversation is what makes your topic unique. Make good use of any knowledge that comes by, you can never tell when you will need it.

Smile: Smile makes you more attractive, it’s the fastest way to get the attention of a Listener,the more attracted you are to someone,the easier it is for you to make them laugh,  don’t frown your face all the time. smiling is a sign of openness and almost everybody would smile back at you and probably would want to get to know you.

Participate in relevant conversations: Don’t allow anxiety to hold you back. Make the decision to talk to new people and to enter into conversations even when you’re feeling nervous about it, though its not easy at first but you’ll improve fast if done repeatedly.

Don’t just practice listening more and talking less but also, let your mind be present anytime you are having a conversation with other people: this will enable you to know what to say and when to ask questions.

Meet the right people: if you are not sociable, the best way to be is to associate with extroverts , take part in outdoor activities. Participate in group activities and learn to be active and fun. Don’t isolate yourself by always scrolling down phone when you are with people, keep your cellphone in the pocket.

Be Inquisitive: Learn to use the W and H method of communication in journalism to ask questions, eg Who is it about? What happened? When did it take place? Where did it take place? Why did it happen? This brings clarification on the topic and helps to analyze it before making a final conclusion.

Build Your Confidence: Travel, Hangout, visit amusement parks, monument parks, museums, exhibitions and be very friendly. Talk to strangers randomly or ask them to take a picture of you with your camera or smartphone, be very kind and spark up a conversation. Express your thoughts, your ideas, etc to others, constantly doing this will make you create a good impression, impact, on people as never made before.

Avoid Self hype :Exaggerated or extravagant claims can sound misleading or deceptive to people who know you very well, listening to a hype repeatedly can be boring to strangers as well. If there are other options to use as instance/description, make do with it unless the only option left is yourself then you can go ahead.

Develop A Good Manner Of Approach: Most times what keep people close to you is right attitude/right sense of humor, there is a great difference between “Please can l have a cup of water” and “Give me water”, “Please can l See Your Boss” and I want to see your Boss, “Please Can l have your number” and “Give me your number” knowing the right thing to say or right way to act is what keeps you going: One of those request is likely not to be granted by a sensitive person or they can find an excuse not to grant it; This is because you are not entitled to have all your request from others, but your ability to use right attitude is what may give you all; if available.

Be Versatile: Know everything happening around you, read books,news ask questions but don’t involve in controversial topic ( it can lead to gathering unnecessary enemies)

Pay Attention To Your Body Languages: This is where most people mess themselves up, the worst thing than can happen to any individual is to think that any opposite sex they meet is sexually attracted to them,  Not everyone is sexually stupid; You look disgusting when you make sexual moves or looks to someone who is not interested.

Atimes you may end up not passing the appropriate message or making impact; This is because you’ve built so much confidence in seduction/lust inplace of self-knowledge/development.

In conclusion Social Life will expose you to good and bad; Your ability to filter the bad and take the good is what makes you unique. The fact is that : you can’t confortably be alone always; meeting people is like a routine.


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