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8 best work tools you need as a self-employed entrepreneur -notchreports

Have you decided to make your business idea realistic by being self-employed? Being alone in running your own business has advantages and disadvantages. It is a situation that requires rigor and organization. To be able to be effective in administrative, financial, or commercial activities, it is important to be accompanied by digital tools.

Neglecting the choice of tools to manage and develop a business is like asking how to set up your business without money. The realization of a business creation idea always requires a budget as minimal as it is. Just as the management and development of a business or an online business require adapted tools. Here are 8 tools to optimize your work and help you organize your business.

Fiber optic connectivity

Whether you have decided to create your online business or a classic business, a good internet connection is essential. In the digital age, it is necessary to have an online presence, but also to exploit the various online tools to gain performance. Whether in commercial matters or organization and management.

To allow you to work efficiently and without unpleasant surprises, you need a stable and reliable Internet connection. Fiber optics replace the ADSL network and provides much higher speed and network quality. Whether working from home or in a dedicated room, the deployment of optical fiber by the operators SFR, Orange, Bouygues, or Free is underway and has taken place in the majority of urban areas. The Orange fiber optic network offers the largest national coverage. Offers are offered by the 4 major operators to meet your needs according to your location. A fiber optic eligibility test allows you to discover the offers that are available to you.

Google G-suites

Google offers the G. Suite, a complete software suite to support self-employed people, online businesses, freelancers, or large companies. The suite includes Gmail, the email service, and Google’s online editing tools for creating text documents, spreadsheets, or slideshow presentations. Many tools are also included, such as Calendar, Meet, or Drive to allow you to organize your schedule, make video conferences and store your documents.


Boomerang is an email management and tracking tool designed for Gmail email. Boomerang automatically notifies you when conversations go unanswered and allows you to set up reminders or check the reading of emails.


Evernote is a note-taking and document management tool that helps you find and write information. Evernote offers collaborative note-taking but also the capture of information within an image, a web page, or a PDF. With Evernote, you can gather all the sources of information in one place and then share or reuse them elsewhere.

Voila Norbert

Voila, Norbert is an email search engine that allows you to retrieve the email address of decision-makers or influential people within a company or organization. VoilĂ  Norbert allows you to export the addresses to establish your contact book to carry out your prospecting or communication campaigns for your company or your online business.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create online visuals such as business cards, posters, or other media. Canva offers a catalog of several thousand templates and graphic elements to create visuals that will best represent your business. The platform accompanies you during the creation process, which is a plus if you do not have design skills. Multiple file formats are supported to allow digital or print use.


LinkedIn is a social network of companies to help you communicate about your business and professional life. LinkedIn is a very good communication lever to develop your business or online business. You can post content to passively search for new business opportunities and do social selling or increase your awareness within your industry. LinkedIn also allows you to create relationships and contact people directly to increase your professional network.


WordPress is a content management tool, or CMS, that allows you to create your website easily and without coding. It is easily possible to create a showcase site, an e-commerce site, or an interface with your customers. WordPress integrates page and article management allowing you to quickly create new content. Other features exist to schedule new posts or calculate your SEO performance and thus save time and performance. Turnkey tools also exist to add features to WordPress, such as an online payment solution for example.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another Google platform to get statistics about your website. Google Analytics provides you with information about visitor acquisition and the behavior of these visitors on your website. The behavior is defined by the actions performed on your site, such as the reading time of each page, the number of clicks on a button, or the navigation path. You can thus improve the browsing experience of Internet users with the help of this data, and improve the traffic to your website.

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